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At Bloom Realty, our clients work with a point person, their agent, and your Bloom Realty agent has an entire support system standing behind them -- a team of agents and staff members that ensure that each transaction closes smoothly, quickly and without complication. Our unique business model not only rewards agents for working together, it also allows our agents to spend extra time with you - the client - to get to know you and truly understand your needs.

Unlike traditional real estate companies, Bloom Realty real estate agents, realtors offer a professional level of service through a true team oriented sales process. In most real estate companies, agents work in the "I" world of real estate where every agent performs like an autonomous business. Because of the unique Bloom Realty business model, our agents are able to work in the "WE" real estate world -- a true team oriented approach.

We are a Truly a "Marketing" Company When it Comes to Real Estate

We're not just professional realtors - we're marketers. Our team of top agents has the best tools and cutting edge talent to go beyond the "vanilla" promotional approach that just about every other agent in town provides. We've got an in-house team of professionals producing quality digital video, and photography -- and a special team of social media marketing experts that leverage the tons of of social media platforms out there to get your property noticed above the noise. That's the key to getting your property sold in today's market.

If you're looking to buy, we invite you to leverage our bench strength of Realtor® professionals that employ a team oriented approach. Our Jacksonville realtors do not compete with each other to find you the right home. All of our agents are top agents - without exclusion. At Bloom Realty, we operate as a team. While most real estate companies have a "survival of the fittest," mentality, we're a collective, that has created an environment of "success for all."

The Bloom Realty Belief System
We believe that a relationship, along with service and expertise, are the primary assets we bring to bear in a real estate transaction. Since our inception, we have had some of the most successful real estate agents in the industry join the Bloom Realty team. The experience that our agents provide creates our solid foundation, and that leads to successful, seamless transactions - and the kind of relationship that can last a lifetime.

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Alan Aptheker reviews
★★★★★ February 12, 2012
"Thank you all for the extraordinary effort that you guys pulled off in marketing and selling my home. The market was tough, but your work with the web marketing, and getting my property out there for the great visibility we had – that made the difference."
- Chris

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