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Did you know only 2% percent of Realtors in the nation really know how to properly structure a rent to own agreement!  Your Bloom Realty experts fall into that top 2%.  We know how to do it right, so it's a win-win for both Buyers and Sellers. Negotiating, structuring, and executing a rent to own contract is one of our core strengths which we offer our buyers and sellers through our Lease Option Purchase program.  This unique Lease Option Purchase approach is exclusive to Bloom Realty and because of how it is structured we have a much greater success rate than average rent to own agreements.

  • Regular rental scenarios can be risky for homeowners. Let's face it--renters can be a homeowner's nightmare!  Most renters don't give your home the TLC you do and for most homeowners renting their property is a last resort if they cannot sell their home and it can turn out to be an expensive experience.
  • For buyers, a Rent to Own or Lease Option Purchase approach is an attractive option for buyers to own the home of their dreams. With mortgage approval guidelines stricter than they have been in years, many sellers and buyers are now open to exploring this viable solution to home ownership.
There are thousands of potential buyers, and sellers who are missing an opportunity by not considering rent to own properties. The motivation for buyers to buy is as strong as ever; however, the strict qualifying guidelines of banks makes it nearly impossible for a large percentage of buyers to meet their criteria for loan approval . Why not explore our exclusive Lease Option Purchase program today, as a great solution for satisfying both the seller and the buyer's needs, for executing a home sale quickly and painlessly?
More buyers and sellers are seriously looking at the rent to own approach to buying or selling a home.  A Bloom Realty Team Realtor will help navigate you every step of the process towards a successful closing. Whether you are considering buying or selling a home, please contact one of our Lease Option Purchase experts today to discover how our unique exclusive program could be a viable solution for you.
* If you are currently working with a Realtor to market your home, please have them call us for information on how we can partner with them to get your home sold quickly!
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★★★★★ September 14, 2016
"I would highly recommend Brenda Perkins, she is patient, honest and really goes out of her way to understand you and your families needs. We emigrated from Scotland and liaised with Brenda for over a year before moving, where she scoured every possibility of where would be best for us to move to which included what schools would suit our children. […] We got to know Brenda so well, we entrusted her to go and look at a house which we bought and had never seen as we knew we could trust her judgement implicitly."
- Martin K.

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